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Payment and Cancellations

Paying for your appointment

You will pay for your appointment prior to seeing the lawyer. Any documents that need drafting by our Legal team will need to paid at the time of ordering, and is considered a separate payment at the end of your appointment. Unfortunately we can’t start preparing a document until we’ve received full payment from you. 

 We accept payments by cash, cheque or EFTPOS in our branches and our Perth CBD office.

If you need to cancel your appointment

Our appointments are almost always fully booked. We understand that sometimes, you can’t attend the appointment that you booked. But if you do need to cancel, we ask that you let us know by phone as early as possible so that we can give your appointment to someone else who needs it. It’s best to do that by calling the branch where you’re attending the appointment.

If you don’t inform us that you’re not attending your appointment, we will send you a statement of account which you can pay by cash at our Perth CBD office, or by cheque.

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