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Issues with Cats

Owning a cat is a big responsibility. This page contains essential information about your responsibilities as a cat owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

The relevant laws for keeping domestic cats are found in:

  • The Cat Act 2011 (WA);
  • The Cat Regulations 2012 (WA); and
  • Your local government by-laws.

As a responsible cat owner if your cat is six months old or older it must be:

  • Microchipped;
  • Sterilised; and
  • Registered with your local government.

You as the owner can be fined for breach of each requirement.

Yes there are exemptions if your cat:

  • Belongs to a class of cats prescribed as exempt from registration;
  • Has not been registered as it is within 14 days of you having just either moved to WA or started keeping the cat; or
  • Is exempt from sterilisation or microchipping.

Yes, your cat has to wear a collar with its registration tag when in a public place. This will enable the cat to be returned to you if it has wandered off.

Yes, you can be fined if your cat is not wearing its registration tag in a public place and no exemption applies to your cat. Note the penalty for each offence varies and it is advisable to find out the current penalties involved.

Your cat does not have to be sterilised if:

  • Your cat has a veterinarian certificate stating that sterilisation may adversely affect its health and welfare;
  • You are an approved cat breeder and your cat is for the purpose of breeding; or
  • Your cat belongs to a class of cats prescribed as exempt from sterilisation.

Yes if your cat is over six months old and it has a veterinarian’s certificate certifying that microchipping it may adversely affect its health and welfare.

You may be entitled to some discount. Information is available from the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries website. Contact your local government too for further details.

You have to make an application to your local government and pay the required fees. Further details are available at the Department of Communities website and your local council website.

Your local government must approve you as a cat breeder. You have to make an application by completing the required form available from your local government.

Next Steps

Your local council or shire may have more information.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries have a Guide for Cat Ownership.

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